Onyx Technology LLC is a healthcare interoperability solutions provider of products and services that enable the realization of healthcare Interoperability.

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Healthcare systems and payers are moving toward patient-centric, value-based healthcare.

Onyx delivers the solutions you need to get there.

We lead the movement toward value-based healthcare, made possible through patient collaboration platforms and the interoperability benefits of FHIR.

We help you mine your most valuable asset – your patient data – to help you comply with government regulations while serving your customers in new, more meaningful ways.

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Deepen Beneficiary Relationship While Supporting Better Care

Access to Information

Today’s patients are more demanding than ever. They demand quality care, access to information, and value in the services they receive. Onyx helps you satisfy your customers’ needs using the data you already possess.

Value-Based Care

Healthcare providers and payers must be able to meet patient needs and demonstrate their value. Onyx helps you use data to become more sophisticated at measuring complex determinants of value, including health status, outcomes, consumer experience and costs.

Powerful Solutions for Commercial and Government Payers


A FHIR-based technology that lets providers and payers dramatically expand their ability to share data within their organization, with their partners, and most importantly, with patients.

SAFHIR is an interoperability engine that takes data from any connected system and converts it into a FHIR-consumable format.

  • Easily provides data to partners and patients through standardized APIs
  • Increases security down to the data-element level
  • Dramatically reduces interoperability challenges
  • Supports CARIN Consumer Directed Exchange Implementation Guide, known as Blue Button 2.0
  • Supports the latest HL7 FHIR US Core profiles
  • Delivers FHIR-as-a-service, which includes authentication, governance, API management and security


A collaboration portal that provides payers and its customers with the ability to see details about care received and insurance services provided.

myCareAI is built upon the SAFHIR platform, delivering Blue Button 2.0 functionality so patients can access and review their information with unprecedented ease.

  • One place for all your healthcare records
  • Share information with trusted contacts
  • Empowers consumers with full control of their data

About Us

Onyx is the Product-focused sister company of NewWave, a leading Federal Systems Integrator with a proud history of successful solutions delivered to CMS.

NewWave manages the multi-Petabyte CMS data warehouse that is used by healthcare researchers. That data warehouse also provides the data that powers the Medicare Blue Button 2.0 API.

The NewWave team that is now part of Onyx built the Blue Button 2.0 API that makes claims information available for 53 million Medicare Beneficiaries enabling them to share their health information with the applications, services and research programs they trust.

Onyx also built the mycareAI mobile app. This was one of the first apps to be authorized by CMS for connection to the Blue Button 2.0 API.

Onyx also works with other Open Source developers to deliver standards-based solutions to enable Medicaid beneficiaries to use Blue Button 2.- style sharing methods to share their health information from Health Information Exchanges to Community and Faith-based organizations.


    The Onyx team is not just implementing FHIR standards, we are active members of the FHIR community. We are partnering with Payers to develop the standards that will unleash the next wave of interoperability that will help improve healthcare for everyone.


    Empower consumers to achieve better health outcomes through actionable data-driven insights created from the aggregation of their health data in combination with other sources of information.


    We share a mission with our sister company, NewWave. We are Solving for the Greater Good, We accomplish this by building Interoperability products and platforms for Healthcare that are based on standards.

Need Help?


Healthcare is broken. Technology can help. Onyx is leading the way to put FHIR-based technology to work at improving outcomes at scale. Do you aspire to use your talents to help improve the US healthcare system? Come and talk to us. Email us at:



As the Onyx team particpates in HL7 FHIR Connectathon events we will post information to keep you top to date on the latest changes in the FHIR implementation Guides we support. Follow the link below and subscribe.

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