The rules for prior authorization are changing and health care payers are on notice.

In its latest Rule, CMS requires payers to develop three new APIs and meet 50+ new technical requirements – by January 2027 with some requirements coming in January 2026..

Onyx is here to help.

CMS Mandate & Blue Button 2.0
ONC Information Blocking
Consent Management
Payer to Payer

We built the BlueButton 2.0 for CMS

We can do the same for you.

Compliance isn’t a challenge. It’s an opportunity.

Our health data platform, OnyxOS, is a cost-effective, FHIR-based way to check the compliance box, but more importantly, to achieve significant business benefits.

OnyxOS transforms the data you already have into actionable information to power your products and services.


The easiest decision you’ll make today.

Three large Blue plans and many regional health plans and HIEs already rely on the OnyxOS solution.


Cost-effective compliance and interoperability solution.

Blue Button 2.0

Built by the same team that created CMS BlueButton 2.0.

We literally developed the standard you’ll be held to.

Microsoft Cloud Strong

Built on the massively scalable Microsoft Azure Cloud.

FHIR Standards

Built using the FHIR™ standard for interoperability.

A platform for growth and innovation.

OnyxOS delivers a simple way to connect and share health data, no matter where or how it’s stored. You’ll see benefits immediately. OnyxOS allows you to share data easily within your organization and with your partners and patients.

As healthcare evolves, you will be able to innovate new ways to use the data to the benefit of you and your patients and customers.

Interoperability platform to enhance member engagement

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