Healthcare Provider Solutions

OnyxOS Solves the Data Tangle

Most EHRs available today generate large amounts of data but lack the tools needed for data analytics and integration. In short, as a provider you have data (and a lot of it!), but can’t easily share or use it.

The challenge becomes exponentially larger when you consider the need to share data among thousands of organizations nationwide. And the problem becomes mind boggling when you factor in new data sources from wearables, mobile phone, genomics, research, and others. EHRs are not designed to ingest and use this information.

OnyxOS untangles the knot. It makes data from a wide variety of sources useful.

OnyxOS delivers a FHIR-based API that translates data from any type of healthcare application into a standard FHIR format that can be accessed and used securely by other applications, including EHRs, within the organizations, at partner organizations (including payers), with patients, and with federal and state government agencies.

Comply with Federal Rules for Data Sharing

The latest governmental efforts to address interoperability come from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), which issued an interoperability and information-blocking rule in June 2020. The rule defines requirements for healthcare and IT providers around data sharing and outlines exceptions to the restrictions on information blocking.

The primary focus of the ONC Cures Act Final Rule is providing patients with access to and control over their electronic health data and how it is shared. This will be achieved by widespread adoption of a FHIR-based API as part of provider health data applications, including EHRs.


Scalable, Secure, Sensible

OnyxOS delivers a scalable, affordable, FHIR-based API for your practice, allowing you to translate data from any of your health applications into FHIR data, making it easier to share within your organization, with partners, and with your patients.

Prepare for Innovation

FHIR APIs allow new apps to use patient health data. Expand your practice using new patient-friendly apps.

Submit Claims

Streamline claims process, submitting claims using EHR to health plans as well as state and federal payers.

Share with Other Providers

Easily share data with providers, including through HIEs, using your existing EHR and applications.

Strengthen Patient Relationships​

Deliver info to patients when and how they want it, through patient portals and consumer apps.

Improve Patient Care

Access to complete patient data, including from within commercial health apps, allows for improved care.

OnyxOS transforms the data you already have into actionable information to power your products and services.