Government Solutions

Federal and State Governments’ Need for Interoperability

The government plays a unique role in healthcare. It is the largest healthcare payer in the United States and also operates some of the largest healthcare facilities through the Military Health Service and the Veterans Health Administration. It also plays a unique and leading role in medical research and public health.

Because of its nationwide mandate, government agencies must be able to share data securely with virtually every health organization across the nation. FHIR-based APIs are central to achieving this goal.

OnyxOS for Government

The FHIR standard is expected to play a foundational role in improving data sharing and promoting innovation to the benefit of the healthcare industry and patients. CMS already embraces FHIR through its Blue Button 2.0 API initiative (which was built by Onyx’s parent company, NewWave) and promoted through its 2020 regulations.

The Office for the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) also mandated the use of FHIR in its 2020 Cures Act Interoperability Final Rule to ensure EHRs and other health apps can share data with each other in a standardized fashion.

OnyxOS technology is the basis for the largest FHIR implementation in the world, namely the CMS Blue Button 2.0 initiative supporting 60 million Americans. The platform creates a FHIR-based API that can be used to transform data from applications into FHIR-compliant formats that can be easily accessed and used by other applications and even organizations.

Any federal and state agency can leverage OnyxOS within their environments to improve their health data sharing requirements.

Solution for Government as a Payer

Federal and state agencies work closely with care providers, pharmacies, research facilities, and laboratories across the country to pay for care on behalf of citizens. The shift to value-based care payments require providers to demonstrate the success of treatments to government agencies. This increase in incoming data to the government presents a challenge and opportunity.

Large data volumes are most valuable in ensuring quality care and improving patient service when the data is structured properly for analysis and use.

OnyxOS transforms structured and unstructured data into usable, FHIR-based data for easier information sharing and data analytics.

Engage Industry

Embed OnyxOS APIs in your industry-facing portals and applications and provide up-to-date information about claims status and payments. Streamline receipt and processing of claims.

Improve Citizen Services

Provide information securely to citizens through web portals and other innovative mobile apps. Provide details about care and benefits through a growing app ecosystem.

Access EHR and App Data

Import information from partner applications, including EHRs and claims systems, into your internal systems using FHIR.

Solution for Government as a Provider

OnyxOS delivers a scalable, affordable, FHIR-based API for government care providers, allowing your agency to translate data from any of your health applications and coming in from web portal into FHIR data, making it easier to share within your organization, with partners, and with your patients.

Prepare for Innovation

FHIR APIs encourage innovation by allowing new apps to access data securely with patient approval. Ensure your data is ready to be shared.

Share Data with Other Providers

Easily share data with providers in industry and government, including through HIEs, using your existing EHR and applications.

Strengthen Patient Relationships

Deliver info to patients when and how they want it, through patient portals and consumer apps of their choosing.

Improve Patient Care

Provide access to complete patient data, including from patient health apps, allows for improved care.

Solution for Government as Researcher

Access to useful data is the single largest requirement for successful research. Federal agencies are expanding the use of FHIR beyond clinical uses to also include data sharing for research. FHIR is uniquely valuable for this purpose. FHIR allows for information to be shared securely, and for information to be appropriately parsed so only required information is shared with proper approvals.

Agencies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and others would benefit through expanded access to information delivered in FHIR formats using the OnyxOS interoperability platform.


OnyxOS transforms the data you already have into actionable information to power your products and services.