Supporting a Patient-First Data Sharing Model

Patients now have the legal right to access their clinical and claims data electronically.

Are you delivering? OnyxP2P allows you to deliver data securely to patients, payers, providers, labs, researchers, and others, all through one easy-to-use data hub.

Changing Federal Regulations

Major changes to how healthcare works in America today are allowing consumers to play a more integral role in their own health care decisions. The CMS patient access rule requires health plans and ACOs to provide claims data directly to members electronically and enables them to move their clinical data with them when they switch to a new health plan. The ONC Interoperability Rule demands providers deliver clinical data directly with patients through patient-determined applications.

It’s a whole new world of health data sharing, and the patient is squarely at the center of it all.

OnyxP2P supports health plans. It addresses the need to enable members to retrieve their clinical data when they move to a new health plan. OnyxP2P uses the standards-based patient access APIs required by the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule to enable members to connect to their prior health plan and retrieve their data.

OnyxP2P goes further. As providers prepare to support improved interoperability standards that will make more clinical information available to patients, OnyxP2P will be there to enable health plan members to retrieve that clinical data from their providers and add it to the health record they are maintaining with their health plan.

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Finally, healthcare data is available to the person who needs it most: You.

Patient Data

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With OnyxP2P, your customers are happier, and so are your margins.

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Operate more effectively with Health Plans.

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OnyxP2P is Easy to Use

Members will find it easy to use OnyxP2P. Retrieving their health data from a prior health plan is a simple 3 step process:
1. Identify themselves using their member portal credentials
2. Authorize their health plan to retrieve their data
3. Select their prior health plan, login and authorize OnyxP2P to retrieve their data
OnyxP2P will work with the health plan to import the data to make it part of the member health record.

What if My Health Plan is Not Listed?

Simply provide a few details about your prior health plan and the OnyxP2P team will work with that health plan to get it connected to OnyxP2P.

Health Plan Implementation of OnyxP2P is Easy

Health plans can connect to the OnyxP2P network easily. There is a three step process:
1. OnyxP2P registers as a consumer app to gain access to the patient access API.
2. Your IT team works with the OnyxP2P integration team to implement a connection that delivers retrieved data to a secure data store or, for tighter integration, uploads the retrieved data to the member’s record in the FHIR® API.
3. Add OnyxP2P as a link on your member portal and promote as a new feature to your members.

Securely share data through one easy-to-use data hub.

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