Supporting a Patient-First Data Sharing Model

Patients now have the legal right to access their clinical and claims data electronically.

Are you delivering? OnyxMember allows you to deliver data securely to patients, payers, providers, labs, researchers, and others, all through one easy-to-use data hub.

Changing Federal Regulations

Major changes to how healthcare works in America today are allowing consumers to play a more integral role in their own health care decisions. The CMS Patient Access Rule requires health plans and ACOs to provide claims data directly to patients electronically. The ONC Interoperability Rule demands providers deliver clinical data directly with patients through patient-determined applications.

It’s a whole new world of health data sharing, and the patient is squarely at the center of it all.

OnyxMember supports payers and providers in their need to share data directly with patients and their colleagues across the industry through a standards-based, consumer-controlled health data convergence hub that seamlessly and securely connects patient, provider, and payer.

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Finally, healthcare data is available to the person who needs it most: You.

Patient Data

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With OnyxMember, your customers are happier, and so are your margins.

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Deepen patient relationships and expand your practice.

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Securely share data through one easy-to-use data hub.