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Onyx partners with leaders in health IT to ensure clients have an ideal experience with the OnyxOS product and its implementation.

Our partners support the unique needs of organizations across the health industry.

Together, we are focused on helping you unleash your full potential, experience “a-ha” moments, and accelerate your ability to use your data effectively for the benefit of your organizations and patients across the country.

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Built as a Microsoft Azure Native Platform

Our interoperability solution. Their cloud.

Together, Onyx and Microsoft have unparalleled experience delivering large scale FHIR-based solutions.

Onyx built OnyxOS on Microsoft’s Industry leading cloud. It is an innovative, turnkey platform-as-a-service solution that accelerates and simplifies the adoption of FHIR-based technologies.

This Azure native solution started as NewWave, the parent company of Onyx, architected a modular platform that adapted the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Blue Button 2.0 solution to the varied needs of Payers in the commercial and State markets.

OnyxOS leverages Microsoft’s Azure cloud environment to ensure scalability and performance.

OnyxOS is architected as a rapidly configurable platform that can be leveraged to accelerate the development and deployment of workflows that address interoperability pain points for payers and providers, greatly simplifying the implementation for healthcare organizations needing to meet the CMS and ONC mandates for data interoperability.

The primary focus of the ONC Cures Act Final Rule is providing patients with access to and control over their electronic health data and how it is shared. This will be achieved by widespread adoption of a FHIR-based API as part of provider health data applications, including EHRs.

“OnyxOS not only meets CMS mandate requirements but exceeds them on all counts. Microsoft is proud to partner with Onyx in making the OnyxOS offering available in the Azure Marketplace”

Sam Robinson

Chief Health Plan Officer, US Health and Life Sciences Microsoft

OnyxOS transforms the data you already have into actionable information to power your products and services.