Onyx and Its Big Idea

The interoperability market represents a $15 billion+ opportunity globally.

Onyx’s mission is to provide FHIR-based interoperability to health payers, clinicians, researchers, labs….anyone who has need of accessing and securely sharing health data.

Onyx packages its vast experience in health IT into software that can be used by any organization across the country, whether in the government or the private sector. The result is the SAFHIR interoperability platform.

Onyx and the NewWave family of companies have built some of the most extensive health IT interoperability solutions anywhere, most notably the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Blue Button 2.0 API, the largest FHIR implementation in the world that supports as many as 60 million Americans.

Onyx’s advisers include leaders in the health technology industry

Trenkle served as the chief information officer and director of information services at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services before developing go to market and solution strategies for the US healthcare payer segment as the chief health information officer at IBM.

Tony Trenkle

Former CMS CIO

The first U.S. Chief Technology Officer and a former Virginia Secretary of Technology, Chopra has a decorated career in public sector information technology. After leaving public office, Chopra founded CareJourney, an open data membership service building a trusted rating system for medical providers.

Aneesh Chopra

Former CTO for United States

Guaranteed Compliance with CMS Mandate

The CMS Blue Button API is the reference implementation for the CMS Patient Access Interoperability Rule. Because NewWave built the implementation and used that knowledge to create SAFHIR, Onyx’s interoperability platform, Onyx is better positioned than any other company in the country to ensure organizations large and small meet this mandate. Our team quite literally built the model against which other implementations will be judged.

Onyx Products

Our flagship product, SAFHIR, was built in partnership with Microsoft and allows for healthcare organizations to quickly meet data sharing rules from CMS and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT through a simple turn-key implementation. This solution not only meets current regulations but was built to adapt to future regulations as needed.

SAFHIR builds on NewWave’s 15+ years building interoperability solutions.

As a result, the product has already been adopted by some of the biggest names in healthcare, including many of the largest payers and health information exchanges in the country.

And because of SAFHIR’s compelling combination of embedded security, consent management, massive scalability, and ease of use, Gartner ranks Onyx as a leader in the FHIR interoperability market and Frost & Sullivan featured Onyx as a top solutions provider.

Onyx combines market-leading technology with an experienced and respected leadership team who has been at the forefront of innovation in healthcare data interoperability. We proudly work with government agencies, payers, providers, and their existing solutions providers – including health information exchanges, vendors, and application developers – and the companies that support them.

Jointly built with Microsoft

Our interoperability solution. Their cloud.

Together, Onyx and Microsoft have unparalleled experience delivering large scale FHIR-based solutions.

Onyx and Microsoft partnered together to build SAFHIR, an innovative, turnkey platform-as-a-service solution that accelerates and simplifies the adoption of FHIR-based technologies.

This deep partnership started as NewWave, the parent company of Onyx, teamed with Microsoft to bring the data interoperability solution we built for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Blue Button 2.0 to the commercial market.

SAFHIR leverages Microsoft’s Azure cloud environment to ensure scalability and performance.

SAFHIR is architected as a rapidly configurable platform that can be leveraged to accelerate the development and deployment of workflows that address interoperability pain points for payers and providers, greatly simplifying the implementation for healthcare organizations needing to meet the CMS and ONC mandates for data interoperability.

The primary focus of the ONC Cures Act Final Rule is providing patients with access to and control over their electronic health data and how it is shared. This will be achieved by widespread adoption of a FHIR-based API as part of provider health data applications, including EHRs.

“SAFHIR not only meets CMS mandate requirements but exceeds them on all counts. Microsoft is proud to partner with Onyx in making the SAFHIR offering available in the Azure Marketplace”

Sam Robinson

Chief Health Plan Officer, US Health and Life Sciences Microsoft

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