Use Clinical Data to Enhance Member Population Health

Providers using Certified Electronic Medical Record systems can make Patient health records available using open standards.

Are you looking to enrich Member Health Records? The Onyx Clinical Acquisition Platform, OnyxCAP, allows you to connect with Provider EMRs to retrieve data for Health Plan members.

Gain New Insights from Clinical Data

The world of clinical data is going through a major transformation.

Custom and proprietary interfaces to Electronic Medical Record systems are being superseded by standardized methods using industry-standard data formats.

Health Plans can request access to clinical data for their members more quickly and easily than ever before.

Simplify HEDIS Measurement

Calculate Quality Measures

Improve Population Health

Identify Member Care Gaps

Enrich member health records

OnyxCAP is an 
out-of-the-box interoperability platform built on FHIR® standards

Accelerate your clinical data acquisition strategy with the Onyx Clinical Acquisition Platform, the leading open-standards data solution.
  • Connect to Hundreds of EMRs.
  • Connect to Thousands of Hospitals and Doctor’s Offices.
  • Implement common, repeatable, Open Standards-based data acquisition processes.

OnyxCAP Features

OnxyCAP introduces a suite of solutions to 
accelerate your Clinical Data Acquisition plans.

Onyx Member Provider Grouper 

OnyxMPG analyzes Claims to compile Lists of Members attributed to Provider Organizations. 

Onyx Direct Data Connector 

OnyxDDC validated interfaces to certified EMRs enabling rapid connection to a Provider’s EMR.

Onyx Provider Data API

OnyxPDA enables In-Network Providers to retrieve Member data to address care gaps.

Onyx Data Lake Connector

OnyxDLC formats clinical data and loads it into your Data Lake, ready for in-depth analytics.