Susheel Ladwa, CEO of Onyx, and Mark Scrimshire, Chief Interoperability Officer, Honored with Outstanding Leadership Awards at International Health 2.0 Conference

Elkridge, MD – July 12, 2023 – Onyx Technology, a leading healthcare technology company, is proud to announce that its CEO, Susheel Ladwa, and Chief Interoperability Officer, Mark Scrimshire, have been recognized for their exceptional contributions to the field of healthcare at the prestigious International Health 2.0 Conference ( held in Las Vegas from July 10 to 12, 2023.

The International Health 2.0 Conference brings together visionaries, innovators, and leaders in the healthcare industry to discuss the latest advancements and trends in healthcare technology. It serves as a platform for recognizing outstanding individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to transforming healthcare through technology and innovation.

We are thrilled to see Susheel Ladwa and Mark Scrimshire receive this well-deserved recognition for their exceptional leadership and contributions to healthcare,”

Patrick Munis, CEO of parent company, NewWave

Mark Scrimshire accepting Health 2.0 Conference Leadership Award on behalf of Susheel Ladwa, CEO of Onyx
Mark Scrimshire accepting the Health 2.0 Conference
Leadership award on behalf of Onyx CEO, Susheel Ladwa.

Susheel Ladwa, a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary, has been instrumental in guiding Onyx to become a trailblazer in the healthcare industry. Under his leadership, Onyx has revolutionized the way healthcare organizations manage and exchange data, improving patient care and outcomes. With a keen focus on interoperability and the adoption of emerging technologies, Ladwa has spearheaded Onyx’s mission to create a more connected and efficient healthcare ecosystem.

Mark Scrimshire, a recognized expert in healthcare interoperability, has played a pivotal role in advancing Onyx’s vision of seamless data exchange across healthcare systems. His relentless pursuit of interoperability standards and commitment to fostering collaboration among stakeholders have accelerated the integration of disparate healthcare technologies. Scrimshire’s deep domain expertise and innovative thinking have positioned Onyx at the forefront of the interoperability revolution in healthcare.

The Outstanding Leadership Awards bestowed upon Susheel Ladwa and Mark Scrimshire at the International Health 2.0 Conference are a testament to their unwavering dedication and remarkable achievements in driving positive change in the healthcare industry. Their visionary leadership and tireless efforts have not only transformed Onyx into a market leader but have also had a profound impact on the broader healthcare ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to see Susheel Ladwa and Mark Scrimshire receive this well-deserved recognition for their exceptional leadership and contributions to healthcare,” said Patrick Munis, CEO of parent company, NewWave. “Their passion for innovation and commitment to improving patient care through technology have been the driving force behind Onyx’s success. We are proud to have them as part of our team and congratulate them on this prestigious honor.”

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