HLTH is one of the premier matchmaking events for Healthcare. Will you be there? Let’s meet!

Mark Scrimshire – 2023-09-29: On October 8th I head to HLTH 2023. The conference is returning once again to Las Vegas. Last year I attended and blogged about the need for more Patient representation (HLTH Needs a Few Vowels to Represent Patients). Patients are once again represented on the impact program tracks with the “Center Patient Experience” which aims to normalize the inclusion of patients in healthcare innovation and care delivery.

There is a lot going on with FHIR Interoperability. There is still plenty to do in order to make health data more accessible to Patients. FHIR adoption is accelerating and a new regulation is expected soon from CMS. If you are a Payer, is your Interoperability roadmap ready for the next wave of FHIR adoption?

One thing that HLTH does well is create plenty of opportunities for Networking. It is a great venue for Innovators and Entrepreneurs to meet with VCs and potential investors. Buyers and Vendors can also meet. There are more locations to sit and meet than you typically find at other conferences.

If you plan to attend HLTH follow the link to my calendar to arrange a meeting: https://calendly.com/mark-onyx/hlth-meetings

See you there!