Onyx FHIR Academy Graduates Complete HIPAA Privacy Training

Unique training assures health data privacy is foundational to Onyx’s product offerings

ELKRIDGE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2022: Graduates of Onyx’s first-of-a-kind FHIR Academy have all completed HIPAA Privacy Training, concretely realizing the company’s commitment to the secure handling of Personal Health Information (PHI) across its industry-leading FHIR-based interoperability products, platforms and professional services.

Assuring shared knowledge of HIPPA is really an extension of the culture at Onyx.

— Mark Scrimshire, Chief Interoperability Officer

The Onyx FHIR Academy curriculum combines knowledge of the HL7® standards and training on real-world, leading-edge FHIR-based solutions. Academy graduates learn to build health data security and HIPAA compliance into those solutions from the start.

Important HIPAA privacy topics covered in Onyx training include identifying PHI, the “Minimum Necessary Standard,” the rules about when and how PHI may be disclosed, the importance of confidentiality, avoiding snooping (even when one has access to PHI), and the need to keep an accounting of disclosures, patient rights and authorizations. FHIR Academy grads also learn the consequences of failing to follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule — how people can be victimized by medical identity theft, how people can lose trust.

“Assuring shared knowledge of HIPPA is really an extension of the culture at Onyx,” says Mark Scrimshire, Chief Interoperability Officer. “There is nothing more important to us than our colleagues, our clients and their customers. A primary responsibility that we willingly bear is to safeguard and secure the data entrusted to us. We all prosper and grow by taking care of our colleagues and clients, and by contributing our skills and expertise to improve the industry we serve.”

About Onyx

Onyx Technology, LLC, a subsidiary of NewWave Holdings is a healthcare interoperability solutions provider. Onyx emerged from work at NewWave for CMS in establishing the nation’s first nationwide FHIR-based API, Blue Button 2.0. Building on this experience and expertise, Onyx has partnered with Microsoft to build the industry’s leading platform for FHIR-based interoperable exchange. Focused on standards-based, interoperable technologies that ensure security, privacy and the delivery of the right information to the right place at the right time, Onyx is the expert in enabling our customers to garner the greatest value from their participation in the healthcare eco-system of tomorrow. Please visit us at www.onyxhealth.io as well as on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Michael Corbin