Onyx Launches FHIR-based Clinical Data Acquisition Platform for Health Plans

Onyx has applied their extensive FHIR interoperability expertise to enable Payers and their partner organizations to retrieve data from EMR systems that support the HL7 FHIR standard.

Windsor Mill, MD: September 8, 2023Onyx is releasing a Clinical Data Acquisition Platform, OnyxCAP. The platform enables data to be retrieved from ONC-Certified Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems using the HL7 FHIR standards for clinical data. OnyxCAP can connect to multiple different EMRs enables a Payer to retrieve clinical data for their members. This capability enables Payers to gain new insights from clinical data. Data can be integrated into their analytics platforms more quickly and easily through the use of consistent data standards that have been defined in HL7 FHIR Implementation Guides.

Clinical data retrieved from providers can be used to support:

  • Near real-time Risk Adjustment.
  • Population Health Management.
  • Identifying Care Gaps.
  • Communicating Care Gaps to In-Network Providers.
  • HEDIS quality reporting.

“As Payers and Providers partner to deliver Value-Based Care, it is critical that clinical data can be exchanged quickly and easily. OnyxCAP uses FHIR data and API standards to make that possible.”

Susheel Ladwa, CEO, Onyx

OnyxCAP can scale to meet any organization’s needs since it builds on the proven, modular OnyxOS platform.

OnyxCAP offers a number of unique service modules for Payers:

  • Create Member attribution group lists for Provider organizations.
  • Utilize a growing library of validated EMR integration modules to connect to Provider EMRs.
  • Provider Access API to enable In-Network Providers to retrieve FHIR data for members.
  • Utilize a Library of Onyx Data Lake Connectors that will format FHIR data ready for Analytics.
  • Data conversion for HEDIS-ready FHIR data.

OnyxCAP is a leading solution for FHIR-based data ingestion from EMRs for data Analytics.

About Onyx Technology, LLC

Onyx Technology, LLC is a healthcare managed interoperability compliance solutions provider. Onyx emerged from work with CMS in establishing the nation’s first nationwide FHIR-based API, Blue Button 2.0. Building on this experience and expertise, Onyx has partnered with Microsoft to build the industry’s leading platform for FHIR-based interoperable exchange. Focused on standards-based, interoperable technologies that ensure security, privacy and the delivery of the right information to the right place at the right time, Onyx is the expert in enabling our customers to garner the greatest value from their participation in the healthcare eco-system of tomorrow.  Please visit us at www.onyxhealth.io.