CMS Releases the rule many have been waiting for

CMS Advancing Interoperability and Improving Prior Authorization Processes proposed rule. 403 Pages of Transformative Regulation dropped yesterday, December 7, 2022. ( The Proposed rule will be officially published on the Federal Register on 12/13/2022. it covers: A. Patient Access API B. Provider Access API (Bulk FHIR) C. Payer to Payer Data Exchange on FHIR D. […]

HLTH Needs a Few Vowels to Represent Patients

AEOIOU: A Recipe for Patient Engagement

With a sense of Déjà Vu, HLTH 2022 announced their Impact Program “Patients at HLTH” track. I Plan to be there. Let’s meet! Mark Scrimshire – 2022-11-03: Next Week (November 13-16 ) I will be heading to Las Vegas to attend HLTH 2022. I am delighted to see that their is a “PATIENTS AT HLTH” […]

Is a FHIR Storm coming to the EMR World?

A FHIR Storm is coming in the EMR world

October 6th, 2022 was a momentous day. A milestone for ONC Information blocking rules was reached. The definition of Electronic Health Information is no longer limited to the US Core Data for Interoperability version 1 (USCDI v1). Is this signaling a coming FHIR Storm for EMR systems?

Burden Reduction – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Prior Authorization Outcomes

The healthcare industry is waiting with bated breath for CMS to release their Burden Reduction regulation for comment. Standards-based methods for Performing Prior Authorizations will help make the process more efficient but what could go wrong?

What if the Health Insurance Card was ACTUALLY useful…

Whenever we go to the Doctor’s office we are invariably asked for a Driver’s License and Health Insurance Card which is Photocopied or scanned. At Onyx, we believe a digital insurance card can be dramatically more useful. The CARIN Alliance has been working with health plans to develop a HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide that enables […]

Onyx’s FHIR Academy powers FHIR Product Development

Academy training drives home the importance of health data privacy principles that are foundational to all Onyx Product Development. In 2021 Onyx established a FHIR Academy to train technologists that could support Onyx’s mission to expand the use of FHIR Interoperability across healthcare. Onyx has now seen two classes emerge from the program. The members […]